Brooding On

Feeling Legit

When John and I got married, it was the ceremony -- the vows we made before our closest friends and family members that made it feel legit.  It was also the waking up together in an apartment that we paid for with our joint checking account.  But, it was still pretty cool to see that signed and recorded marriage license.  No more than a piece of paper, it signified that the state recognized something we already knew.  



Brood Farm started to feel pretty legit to me the other day as I gathered, washed, and packaged the 52 eggs the ladies had produced that day.  "This is for real!  We're really doing this!"  And, the day our new website launched made it feel pretty real, too.  Still, it's neat to see our farm name on legal documents like these that say we are now an official LLC.  It says that the State recognizes us as legit, too.  ;)  

But, just because things are becoming more formal doesn't mean they're any less fun.  Clearly, John was having fun as he created our official Operating Agreement.  Notice the acronyms for our job titles.