Brooding On

Good Mother Stallard Pole Beans

What a gorgeous day to gather with the family 'round a bowl and shell some beans on the back porch!

This was our first year to grow this type of bean, but I've been very pleased with them so far.  During the growing season, they were pretty much zero maintenance.  All I had to do was provide a trellis system and wait for them to grow . . . and then die. Once the pods were dry on the vine, they were ready to harvest.  

I guess part of what I like about them is that their needs aren't pressing.  The day a zucchini is ripe for harvest, it must be picked.  Otherwise,  it'll be too big tomorrow and will have lost its peak flavor.  Cantaloupe?  Let it sit one day too long on the vine, and it'll come loose on its own and begin to rot in the sun.  But, these good 'ole beans aren't ready for harvest until they're dead.  And once they are, they'll just wait patiently for you until you're ready to pick them.  Even then, you could leave them in a bucket still in the pods for even longer.  I guess they're pretty laid back in that way.  Whenever you're ready to get to them, they'll be there waiting.

This particular variety from Baker Creek is called Good Mother Stallard Pole Bean.  I chose them for their description:  "Gorgeous, plump maroon-and-white beans are great in soups, where their creamy texture and hearty, nutty flavor really shine."

And, aren't they pretty?  I'm thinking the jar-full of these guys may not be relegated to the pantry.  They ought to be on display . . .  at least until they make their way to our chili pot.