Brooding On

Follow-up Friday: Meeting with our Architects

Wednesday John and I traveled to Little Rock (I told Girl 1 over breakfast that day that we were headed to "The Big City."  "You're going to New York City today?!") for our first in-person meeting with the architectural team that will design our new home.

We'd done our homework and were weighted down with post-it noted coffee table books, iPad with organized Pinterest boards, and my binder titled "Home Design" that I've been adding snippets to for years.

I won't get into all the nitty-gritty of the meeting, but let me say these few things about it:

1.  I am feeling so very blessed to be working with the folks we're working with.  Their firm's designs tend toward the modern, but they are completely on board with our desire to create the Modern Farmhouse that we have in mind.

2.  They are very well-versed in green construction and home systems, and we are very excited about talk of passive solar, geo-thermal systems, solar panels, and greywater harvest, to name a few things.

3.  I am going to absolutely love the process of watching them work their magic as they take all of our weird little notes and preferences and fashion it all into a neat little home.

4.  What they come up with will be just right for us and the way that we strive to live.  You, however, would probably rather stay put than move into the house we will build.  It's just going to be so us.  You may walk through it and wonder Why is there no closet in this bedroom? or Why is there no freezer in the kitchen?  or Why is there a shower outside?  or Is this a pantry or a room?  If you know us at all, though, you know that these design choices are made quite deliberately in an effort to create a space that fits the way we live.

5.  I'm excited about sharing this process with you.   I hope you don't get bored with it because I intend to document each little step of this amazing journey.