Brooding On

Week 2 of Lent: Love Your Neighbors

Well, I decided to extend Week 1 of Lent and am just getting started now on Week 2.  (Because Lent begins on a Wednesday and ends on a Saturday, one week was going to be longer anyway, and I was so enjoying Week 1!)  I absolutely loved my Week 1 emphasis of Enjoying Creation.  I visited with the goats a lot, enjoyed the sounds of outdoors even when I was indoors (using the baby monitor), trimmed back the roses, and learned a bit about hanging laundry on a clothesline.  Just because the week is over, though, doesn't mean I intend to stop these things.  I've just enjoyed them so much!
It is time, now, though to move on to Week 2, which is Love Neighbors (for anyone who's a very careful reader of my blog, yes, I did change around the order of the weeks.)

Doing my "poop chores" while enjoying the beautiful weather!  (The kids had the camera ;)

This week, I will . . .
1.  Complete one random act of kindness per day for someone outside our home.  (You never know, it might be you!)
2.  Eat cheaply so that money saved on groceries this week can be donated to Heifer International and used to feed neighbors far from here who do not enjoy our food bounty.
3.  Pray -- Pray for God's eyes so that I may see others as He sees them and that I may be aware of ways in which I can help the plight of the needy.  And thank God for the many who devote their lives to providing for and loving on "the least of these."

Want to join my in Loving Your Neighbors this week?  What will you do?