Brooding On

Backyard Garden Box Construction

 Sunday afternoon was just beautiful here!  We took advantage of it and worked in the backyard, constructing our 3 new garden boxes.
Look who loves power tools!  (Not that we should be surprised.)

"These screws are as long as my finger!"


Not going to be outdone by little sis ;)

The kids got ahold of the camera, so we got lots of fun, silly shots -- like this one.

And, this one.  Our backyard doesn't have any good climbing trees, but that's not about to stop Girl 2.  Here, you can see the elaborate system of jumpropes that she's tied to this Bradford Pear.  They allow her to hoist herself up to the higher branches.  Innovative, huh?

Finished product.  Three garden boxes.  They are each 4x8 feet long.  Two of them are 6 inches deep, and one (for growing root veggies) is 12 inches deep.  Here, they are propped up on rocks so that they're ready for painting.  With the forecasted rain and/or snow, that may have to wait a few days, though.  We'll see.