Brooding On

The Answers Revealed

Okay.  I'm sure you all lost sleep over this last night, so I hate to keep you waiting any longer.  Here are the answers for the three canning club quiz questions that I missed:

1.  The spores of Clostridium botulinum can be destroyed by canning the food at a temperature of ___ or above for a specified period of time. 
a. 230 F
b. 240 F
c. 225 F
d. none of the above

I put "none of the above."  Since I had no idea whatsoever, it seemed like a decent guess.  The actual answer is (b.) 240 F.  Who knew?

2.  Of the food preservation methods we use today, which is the oldest used by man?
a. pickling
b. drying
c. canning
d. fermentation

I guessed (d.) fermentation.  When I quizzed John (yes, I know I'm a dork), he guessed fermentation, too, saying he just figured folks had been figuring out ways to get drunk for all of time.  Anyway, we were both wrong.  The correct answer is (b.) drying.  I guess this should go right along with tanning hides and such for clothing.

3.  Why should cream style corn only be canned in pint jars?
a.  the denseness of the canned product
b. This is the size most commonly used.
c. It is difficult to properly cook a larger amount.
d. Air bubbles are more difficult to remove from larger jars.

I guessed (d.) about the air bubbles, thinking that maybe the thickness made it difficult to remove all the air.  The actual answer was supposed to be (a.) the denseness of the canned product.  Maybe the denseness leads to the air bubble problem, though.  What do you think?  Could I get half credit?

For the record, none of you got them right, either!   Somehow, that makes me feel better.  :)