Brooding On

Reusing that Beautiful Candle Jar

I don't very often shell out the cash for nice candles, but this Christmas I wanted one that would put me in the Christmas spirit.  I picked one out from Bath and Body Works that came in this beautiful jar with a silver lid -- you know the kind I'm talking about.  And, enjoy it, I did!  I had it right there on the coffee table all season and lit it nearly everyday.  Once the wax was so low that the wicks would no longer burn, I put it on a candle warmer until the wax no longer had any scent remaining at all.

Still, not ready to be done with the beautiful jar, I threw it into the freezer for an hour or so.  This hardens and shrinks up the wax so that it pretty much falls out of the jar.
I used a dull knife to pry the wax loose.  It came out all in one big chunk.

I washed the jar with soap and water and used some trusty Goo Gone to remove the sticker residue from the bottom.

I gave it a good wipe down with vinegar to remove any last traces of wax.

Now, I've got a super-cute container that could be used in any number of ways.  Pictured above is one possibility.  But, I've got bigger plans for mine.

For that, you'll have to check back tomorrow!  ;)