Brooding On

Free Gift Wrap!

What could be better than free wrapping paper for the holidays?  How about gift wrap that allows you to reuse something you would otherwise throw away?  Or how about gift wrap that can be recycled once gifts have all been unwrapped?

Sounds good, huh?
Last year, we wrapped in newspaper, which was fun.  This year, I decided to use the packing paper that fills every package we get from Amazon (and because we live where it's hard to do much local Christmas shopping, we get A LOT of Amazon boxes around the holidays.)  The ribbons are salvaged from gifts we've received in years past, and the gift tags are made out of Christmas cards we received last year, cut out with fun scrapbooking scissors. 

They really pack so much of that paper into these boxes!  The boxes themselves make a great kill mulch outside.  If you have an area that you'd like to plant in the spring and need to kill the grass, lay down a bunch of cardboard now, hose it down, and you'll be ready to go come spring.

Oh, and since it's apparently the thing to do to post a pic of your tree online, here's ours.  John says it looks like it has hair!  ;)  This is "Momma's tree."  I decorate it, evenly spacing the ornaments that are all of one color family.  I LOVE my tree.  If I were choosing decorations again, I probably wouldn't go with these, but I'm not about to spend $ on new tree decorations.  It's the lights I enjoy most anyway.  I like to sit in its glow in the early morning with a cup of coffee.  Quiet Christmas tree moments are the best!

Upstairs, we have the kids' tree.  They decorate it entirely on their own, and it's full of the more colorful ornaments, including, of course, all the awesome handmade ones they bring home from school each year.  Of course, there are no ornaments at the top because they can't reach that high!  But, I love that about it.  They want their ornaments to be where they can see them anyway!  So, the downstairs tree may be classically beautful, but it's the upstairs tree that tells the stories.