Brooding On

Got Babies?

I just love a good goat pile!  Last week, we moved the goats around so that Copper (our buck) is no longer in with the girls.  They seem to be enjoying the newfound peace and quiet.
But, the question remains. . . did Copper get the job done or not?  We never actually saw him figure it out.  We did see him trying very hard on several occasions.  A shepherd friend of ours says that his sheep always make it happen at night, so he very often won't even know they've bred until he tests them.  I'm hoping that's the case here.

Unfortunately, knowing for sure is more complicated than a little pee on a stick.  It will either take time (we just wait until they get huge) or a blood test to know with certainty.  We will definitely be doing the blood test.  I can hardly wait to find out!  This is very exciting to me.

I'm, of course, hoping that by adding Honey as a milking doe, we'll have twice the milk next year.  I'm also excited to see her as a Momma.  She's my favorite goat, remember, and is just so sweet and friendly that I think she'll do well on the milking stand. 
So, Razz has been around the block a time or two.  But, this is Honey's first rodeo.

So, is she or isn't she pregnant?  Well, as you can see, her appetite is strong.

Maybe she's  little queasy?    What do you think -- does she have a glow about her?

I asked Razz what she thought about giving birth again.  I guess she was feeling a little sassy!

Seriously, what's with the tongue?

Anyway, I'll be sure to share with you our news as soon as we find out.  ;)