Brooding On

Don't Forget the Sugar Snaps

If you look at my blog via computer, you'll see that the little "What's in Season in Arkansas" area in the right sidebar lists only cabbage and broccoli.  And, while it's true that most of my garden has not withstood the frosts of this past week, there is another plant that's doing great.
Our sugar snap peas seem to be loving the current temperatures.  Because they're typically an early spring veggie, I was skeptical about trying them again as temperatures cooled, but I had some extra seed, so I went for it. 
I'm glad I did, because they're producing really well right now.

And, then there's the parsley.  Every frosty morning it looks pretty sad, but by afternoon it has perked back up and is still going strong.

And, the turnips. . . . Ah, the turnips.  As kids, when we'd fill our plates too full and then not be able to eat it all, my mom would tell us that it seemed our "eyes were bigger than our stomachs."  It doesn't apply perfectly, but there was something like that going on when I chose the turnip seeds out of the seed catalog.  The photographs were just so beautiful, and I wanted a variety of roots to try out in our new root garden box.  So, I got some turnips.  They apparently grow best in fall, so I didn't plant them until after most everything else was finished producing.  Anyway, as I bit into this turnip and nearly spit it out, I realized . . . that I had never before even tasted a turnip!  Since I've never tried a store-bought one, I can't be sure of this, but if it's anything like the radishes we grew this year, the homegrown variety has a much stronger flavor.  In the case of the turnip, that was a big problem for  me.  So, now I've got some turnips popping out of the soil and absolutely no interest in consuming them.  (Any takers?)  Oh, well.  It seems when it comes to seed shopping, maybe I should make my list before I open up the catalog.  ;)