Brooding On

When Life Gives You Peppers . . .

 . . . make SALSA! 
The garden peppers have been ready for awhile now, but I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to put up any salsa, so I just let them hang out on the plants since they keep best that way anyway.  But, with freezing temps in view, it was time to harvest those peppers and get to canning!  Unfortunately, my tomatoes are long gone, so we'll have to go with store-bought.  There are two bright sides, though:  1. our store has been trucking in Missouri tomatoes, so at least they're not traveling too far a distance, and 2. they're only $.99 a lb. this week.

So, my friend Jessica and I are planning a little salsa canning party this week.  We plan to use a recipe that neither of us have made before but comes highly recommended, so we'll see.  So, check back.  If it turns out well, you know I'll be posting the recipe!