Brooding On

They're Ovulating!

What?  Listen, ovulation talk is not off-limits on a homesteading blog! 

I'm so excited!  It seems our little pullets are blossoming into laying hens! 
Which of these doesn't belong?  (Hint:  top left)

Especially if hens lay their first eggs in the hotter temps of summer, those eggs tend to be very tiny.  Our older gals began laying in the fall and laid regular-sized eggs from the start, so this is our first experience with the cute, "wittle" eggs.

Considering how crazy these girls have acted since they arrived in the laying tractor, I'm glad that she figured out where and how to lay her egg.  I found it in the nesting box, right where it was supposed to be. 

Hopefully, it won't be long and all the gals will be on the same cycle (a la, my high school basketball team), and we'll be bringing in eggs by the basketful!