Brooding On

Science Fair Project Update

Okay.  It's not really a science fair project.   Thankfully, I won't have to put together a colorful tri-fold posterboard about this science experiment.  Though, my mom was right, if the girls were in need, this would make a decent science fair project. . .

Especially considering how it's turning out so far.
Can you see it?

Here we go up close.  This is the left side-- the side where the seeds were started in our very own compost from the pile.

And, this is on the right side -- the side where the seeds were started in Miracle Grow Organic Potting Mix.  Wow!

For those naysayers out there, be aware that I'm rotating the box every-other day, so neither side is getting more sun than the other and they're being watered the same amounts and at the same time. 

Only time will tell whether the compost plants will be stronger or produce greater yields, but it's safe to say that they definitely sprouted the seeds faster than the traditional mix.