Brooding On


Soft cheeses are easy enough to make.  And, I'd read about "30-minute Mozzarella" and got excited because it's probably the cheese we use most around here.  But, the 30-minute recipe doesn't work for goat milk.  The process of making mozzarella from goat milk takes MUCH longer.  After 2 failed mozzarella attempts that took me half a day each, I decided to give up.  I determined never again to complain about the price of cheese and just buy my  mozzarella from the store like sane people do.  I told John about my failed attempts, and he encouraged me, "I'm sure you'll figure it out, just like you did the yogurt."  Ugggghhh!

 So, I asked him to join me one evening in a cheese-making venture so that he could see just how much a waste of my time it was.  It took us about 3 hours and 2 gallons of milk to get about a cup of cheese as a finished product.  (I shredded it and sent some to school in the girls' lunches.  They wanted to build their own pizzas.  Girl 1 came home complaining that the cheese was "tasteless.")  Was it worth all the time and effort?  Was John ready to throw in the towel with me now?  Nope.  He suggested we try another recipe.    Ugggggghhh!   It seems he has more patience than I do.

Anyway, I did.  I abandoned the book I'd been using and found a new recipe online.  And, it worked!  I mean, seriously.  Isn't it beautiful? 

It took all of naptime (which is precious time, as any mother can tell you), but it didn't take 1/2 a day!  And a little over a gallon of milk yielded about 2.5 c. of cheese!  I'm pretty sure that I salted it enough to satisfy Girl 1, but we'll have to see.  She's becoming increasingly picky about "farm foods."  Uggggghhh!

But, today I declare victory!  I CAN make mozzarella!