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DIY: Blended Strawberry Yogurt

It seems that Greek yogurt is really making a name for itself.  And, if your refrigerator is much like mine, Greek yogurt is making itself quite at home among other creamy staples such as sour cream and mayonnaise.
Most recipes I use that contain Greek yogurt call for Plain.  And, for the occasional recipe that calls for Vanilla, I can just mix that up myself with the help of a little vanilla and honey.
My kiddos all 3 love yogurt.  Well, Little Boy and I love homemade Greek yogurt topped with sliced strawberries and drizzled with honey.  Girl 1 and Girl 2, however, prefer Go-Gurt.  Yep, you know the stuff:  pre-packaged, blended yogurt in the cute little push-up tubes. 
But, now that we're producing our own milk and yogurt, I'd hate to hurt Razz's feelings and purchase yogurt from the store! 
I think I may have hit upon a solution.  This past week strawberries were on sale at our store for $1.50/lb., which is pretty good, so I stocked up.  (I wish I had thought of this solution when we were working our way through a flat and a half of super-sweet Bald Knob berries, but, oh, well.)

I chunked the berries in the food processor and blended until smooth.  Then, I added honey (which is my go-to sweetener lately) to taste.  You could use pretty much whatever sweetener you prefer, though, I'd think.  Blend again to be sure it's all mixed in.

Then, I poured the mixture into an ice tray to freeze. 

I let Little Boy be the guinea pig and mixed the strawberry mixture with the yogurt, basically 1:1.  He gobbled it up!

I'm thinking that for school lunches, I can just plop a couple of frozen berry cubes into a yogurt-filled container and send it to school.  Maybe by lunch it'll be thawed and the girls can stir it up and enjoy. 

Or, I might invest in some of these super cool squeezable ice pop molds, premix, and send frozen to school.  I don't think I'd have any complaints from the girls if the pops hadn't had time to fully thaw by lunchtime-- frozen yogurt popsicle anyone?