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Getting Crafty: Children's Art Display Frames

Until this week, I've been going through a bit of a crafting drought.  I guess I've just been so busy with having all three kids home all day and caring for the little farm we've got going on in the backyard that inside fun projects have slowed tremendously.  But, this past week, I made two dresses and completed these frames, so I feel like I've got my crafting groove back.  :)
I started with these 3 old frames found on the cheap at a local flea market.

I dismantled them and painted them to look distressed using paint I already had on hand and the same paint method I used for our Farm Fresh Milk sign.

Then, I glued some pretty fabric to the backing board (1/2 yard was sufficient for all 3 frames), put it back into the frames, and glued these bulldog clips to the fabric.

Then, I hung them and displayed some of the kids' recent artwork.  They were so proud of their framed work!

For those who are familiar with the layout of our house, this shows where the frames are in relation to everything else, next to the mudroom-type bench near the garage and backdoor.

Thanks, Pinterest, for the idea!