Brooding On

After Slaughter, Then What?

First, slaughter and processing.  Then, packaging and storing. 

On Saturday, after we'd slaughtered, skinned, and eviscerated the chickens, we put them into a covered pot of warm, salty water until the last one was finished.  This just kept the chickens clean while we processed the others.  Once inside, we rinsed then patted them all dry.  We placed each chicken into its own freezer storage bag (specially designed for freezing home-slaughtered chicken and ordered from our hatchery) and tied it up.  The chickens are currently spending the requisite 2-3 days in the refrigerator until rigor subsides.  Once we can easily move the legs around (like you can with ones you buy at the store), we can either cook or freeze them.  I was hoping to be able to throw one into the stock pot today, but, alas, the rigor continues. Maybe tomorrow.  I'll try to be patient.  :)