Brooding On

It's That Time Again!

Yep, it's giveaway time!  This month, the giveaway is a jar of homemade Rose Butter.  It's an all-natural, rose-scented, thick body cream.  (Sorry, I don't have any pics right now because I just gave away my last jar and will be making more this week.)  It's perfect for dry skin.  If you don't tend to be dry, you may want to hang onto it until this winter when cold weather and heaters start to take their toll.  I like to use it on my arms and legs right after the shower.  In fact, it'll go further and absorb better if you apply it to slightly damp skin.

So, to be entered into the drawing, you have until Friday to comment on this post and answer the following question:

Of all the various posts you've seen here on Brooding On over the past several months, what has been your favorite?

To refresh your memory, check out the right sidebar for topics covered here on the blog.  If you can't point to a specific post, then at least mention what type of posts you enjoy most.  I'd like to know what's most popular with my readers so that I can be sure to include more of that type of thing.  :)  Also, if you have questions about our little farm or would like to see a post on a certain topic, feel free to add that request to your comment. 

I look forward to your comments!  Check back Saturday to see who the lucky winner is!