Brooding On

An Update on the Goats

As an Oral Communications and English teacher, I liked to have my students read a funny article I'd stumbled across that mocked Crocs shoes.  The article was hilarious, and the students greatly enjoyed it.  Well, I'm sure those past students would have fun with this.  Yep, that's a pair of Crocs (or Crocs knockoffs) for each member of the family.  Aren't they stylish?  After I had to scrape the goat poo from Little Boy's church sandals just as we were ready to head out the door, I decided that we had to have backyard-specific shoes.  They needed to have a covered toe and able to be easily cleaned off with the hose.  What better solution than a family supply of Crocs?  The rules are that they are the only shoes allowed in the backyard, and they are NEVER to enter the house.  So far, this solution is working really well.

Razz has been producing 5-6 lbs. of milk per day (nearly 3 quarts).  We are loving milking her, and she has gotten very comfortable with the process.  She just jumps right up on the milking stand when it's time.

Poor Izzy

Poor little Izzy is being weaned right now.  Have you ever been around a goat being weaned?  Do you know how hard it is to let your baby "cry it out" in the night?  This is nearly as bad.  To wean her, we separated her from her Momma by putting her and her buddy Dallas in the old dog pen.  Basically, she and her Momma, who's across the yard, just cry back and forth to each other ALL DAY LONG.  It's pretty sad to listen to, but it's necessary.  Izzy is really too big to be nursing, and Razz has been trying to kick her off since she's been here.  It's time, but that doesn't make it any easier.  Meanwhile, John and I had to sleep in the guestroom because the dog pen is just outside our bedroom window and Izzy started back in with her whining about 11:00 last night.  The guestroom is on the other side of the house, so once we moved, we were able to get a good night's sleep (which is a good thing, since we were outside and ready to milk at 5:45 this morning).

And, of course, there's little Copper, the kids' absolute favorite!  They love to get him out of the pen and lead him around the yard (careful to avoid the azaleas -- fun fact: they're toxic to goats).

Not only are the kids enjoying playing with the goats, they're also enjoying the milk.  Here's Girl 1 showing off her milk moustache.  When she first tasted the milk, she said, "Wow!  It tastes like Razz-gular milk!"  She loves a play on words.  ;)

Girl 2, who doesn't normally care for milk (unless it's chocolate), even guzzled a glass.

My cheese-making supplies have arrived and as soon as I've got a gallon saved up, I plan to try my hand at some Chevre cheese.  So excited!