Brooding On

And the Goat Milk Soap Goes To . . .

Thanks so much to the 8 of you who made me smile with your comments!  It looks like strawberry and lemon pies are favorites.  Jenny, I love the frozen berry pie, too.  I think I may have made a dozen of them last summer.  I'll have to do a post on that recipe later on.  Ericka, I remember your warm strawberry cream cheese pie.  Yummmmm!  And, I'm anxious to try your frozen pie.  While I do love lemon, I've never made a lemon pie, so I'll have to give that a try as well; thanks, Merrilee, for the recipe for that one.

Now, for the big reveal.  John served as my witness for the big drawing   (Mom, do you recognize the 99 cent bowl you bought me from the antique store last weekend?  A little oil went a long way, huh?).

The winner is . . . Ericka!  Looks like I'll be mailing some all-natural, handmade goat milk soap to Texas!  I hope you enjoy it!