Brooding On

There Are Goats in My Backyard!

Yep, the gang's all here.  This afternoon, our wonderful breeder dropped off our small Nubian herd, and we got to introduce them all to their new home.
This is Razz, our milker, with Izzy, her doeling.  (Girl 1 named Izzy; Razz came to us already named.)

Here we have Honey, who we will get to milk next year.  (Little Boy chose "Honey," and it's turned out to be quite a fitting name so far.  She is so sweet.  She sticks pretty close by when you're in the pen, looking for some lovin'.)

This is the little wether that Girl 2 named Dallas.

Here, Girl 2 is bottle-feeding  Copper (who you guys helped us name!)

Isn't he just adorable?  He claimed the rock as his territory early on . . .

 . . . because he loved to show off his jumping skills!

Copper made the rock look like so much fun that Dallas soon wanted a spot atop the rock, and we had a little head-butting going on.

Razz on our milking stand for the first time

Our first pail of milk!

They all seem to be doing very well.  I love that they are gentle and friendly enough that the kids can just run around the pen with them.  Copper, the youngest one had been kept apart from the herd at the breeder's farm, so today, his first day with the group, they were shunning him a bit.  Hopefully, they'll all come around and include him more soon.  Maybe his stellar jumping will win them over.  :)

Razz wasn't too sure about the milking stand and kicked the pail a time or two before she finally settled into it.  My favorite pair of Toms may smell of sour milk tomorrow.  Oh, well.  John and I both took turns with the first milking.  He is definitely better at it than I am right now, but learning how to do all of this is going to be a lot of fun!