Brooding On

DIY Rabbit Hutch

John has been a getting-things-done kind of guy lately.  And, though, he wouldn't consider himself very efficient when it comes to building things, he's definitely been beefing up on his experience lately.  Case in point -- during a recent garage re-organization, he diagnosed a problem we were having with all the bicycles and scooters cluttering up the garage.  He went inside, looked up a plan for a bike rack, and built one the next day.  Problem solved!

Now, Cocoa Puff wintered in the garage in her metal cage.  But, once things warmed up a bit, she was ready for some more permanent digs on the back porch.  We looked around at various pre-fab models, but none of them were exactly what we wanted.  So, John set out to build a solution -- this time without plans to guide him.

I think the finished product is great!  It gets her up to eye level.  There's enough space between the metal cage and the wooden frame to allow for plywood inserts on the back and sides in the colder months to block the wind.

A pull-out poo-catching tray makes it easy to clean and keeps her from getting messy.

We painted the top board with chalkboard paint so that we could add her name.

She seems really happy with her new set-up.  And, I'm happy that my favorite of our farm animals (shh!  don't tell my kids . . . or the other animals) is getting to enjoy the fresh air from such a nice custom-designed space.  :)

Also, currently under construction is the meat chicken tractor.  I'll post some pics of it as soon as my expert-builder husband has it complete!