Brooding On

Easter Bunny

Happy Easter!  I know that Easter is really about the Resurrection, but pastels, eggs,  rabbits, and candy also come to mind.  So, for your viewing delight, I thought I'd put up a couple pics of Cocoa Puff, our Easter Bunny.  Here she is in her "play pen."  When I'm going to be working or playing in the yard for awhile, I put her in her pen, so that she can munch on some grass and enjoy some sunshine.  She loves it and spends most of her time sunbathing. 

I know it's hard to tell from the picture, but she's gotten huge.  She's at least doubled in size since we brought her home a few months back.  I had someone ask about using her as a prop for Easter pics with their baby.  This person had obviously not met Cocoa in person.  I tried to explain that while I'd be perfectly okay with Cocoa having a photo shoot, she's not exactly a cute, little, white, floppy-eared rabbit.  I mean, frankly, she's larger than the baby in question.  Now, that's not to say Cocoa's not cute.  Just look at her -- those ears!  That sweet little nose!  She is, however, what some would refer to as a "meat rabbit."  I prefer not to think about that, though.  She will definitely not be feeding us in any way other then through her fertilizer.  :)