Brooding On

Earth Day is Approaching!

April 22nd is Earth Day -- our opportunity to join with millions of others and do something kind for earth.  Last year,  we took the kids to the local park and picked up litter for Earth Day.  This year, I read about the Earth Day Network's attempt to collect a Billion Acts of Green for Earth Day and decided that would be a fun way to get involved in something green.  So, the girls and I had a little meeting and checked out the website.  After looking over our options, we decided we would pledge to plant a garden (which we've already done, but we are scheduled to put out a few more crops on that day), walk to church (which we do nearly every week anyway), and eat more local food.

Now, in the past, the "eat more local food" pledge would have been quite a challenge.  In our little community, lots of people grow their own produce, but other than the watermelon growers, we've not really had an organized way to make excess produce available to the public.  But, that's all about to change. I'm proud to say that my husband has spearheaded an initiative to begin a Farmer's Market this spring.  Area growers and potential customers are all excited about the possibility of eating more locally produced food.

So, will you check out the Earth Day website?  What will you pledge to do for Earth on that day?