Brooding On

Now It's Starting to Feel Like Spring!

I'm pretty sure both my children and my neighbors think I'm certifiably insane.  Today, as I pulled my car into the driveway, I thought I spotted it.  Then, I jumped out of the van and ran over to see whether it was for real.  Yes, it's for real!  I was in the house to grab the camera and back outside lying prostrate on the ground taking pictures of this glorious thing before my kids had gotten themselves and their backpacks out of the van.  The first asparagus shoot of the season!  And it's not just any season.  Our books told us not to harvest asparagus until the 3rd year to allow the root systems to grow strong.  So, for two years, we have practiced patience and let the asparagus grow wild in its little bed.  This is the first little asparagus from our yard that will actually grace our dinner table.  And, yes, I'm a bit excited about it.