Brooding On

Asparagus Update

Whoopsie!  So much for harvesting spears when they reach 7-9" and are the width of a finger.  It's funny.  I feel I owe Barbara Kingsolver an apology.  When I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, an excellent book by Kingsolver chronicling her year as a locavore (one who eats only food produced within a specified mile radius of one's home), I actually laughed aloud when she spoke of awaiting her asparagus spears in the spring.  According to Kingsolver, she had to trek out to her asparagus patch daily as the time was approaching and check the barren ground for asparagus spears.  For if she didn't check daily, she'd miss the correct cutting time for asparagus, 7-9" tall but before they begin to "fern out."  "Oh, Barbara, you're so funny!  As if they could shoot out of the ground and be ready for cutting all in one day!" I scoffed. 
Well, Mrs. Kingsolver, I would like to offer my sincerest of apologies.  I am astounded by how quickly this little spear grew to well over a foot in length.  You were right, and I was wrong to laugh.  Please forgive me. :)