Brooding On

Kids Sale Update

For those who read my blog about the Popsicles Kids Sale (and how great it is!), I thought I'd give an update on how it all turned out for us.  I was able to get most of the stuff missing from my kids' clothing inventory lists.  One big challenge is always finding the girls shorts and shirts that are okay for school (no more than 4 inches above the knee and straps at least 2 inches wide) as the sale is full of little tanktops and shortie shorts.  Overall, I did really well, though, and had a great time with my friend :) who was able to go with me.  I spent about $170 ($20 of which were on toys -- the kids have come to expect a surprise when they wake up the morning after a kids' sale-  it's like Christmas morning around here). 

After all my shopping, I was still missing a few pieces for the kids, so I got online and ordered the rest from Old Navy (who was having an online sale) and spent another $100.

The sale is now officially over, and I earned $336.25.  So . . .
  $336.25 Earned
-$170.00 spent at sale
-$100 spent at Old Navy= $66.25

Yep, I may have to fill in a few gaps in the months ahead as needs arise, but for now, I've basically wardrobed 3 kids for spring and summer and come out $66 ahead.  Not bad!