Brooding On

Raw Goat Milk Mozzarella Workshop

You guys,  I've been toying with mozzarella since I first began milking!  But, goat milk is so unique that it has taken me awhile to fine-tune a recipe so that it is fail-proof with our delicious milk.  Now, that I've hit on a winner, I am so excited to share it with you!   Just like our other cheese classes this year, this one will begin in the barn as we milk the goat.  Then, we'll walk up to the farmhouse and turn that precious milk into AMAZING mozzarella.  This is a hands-on workshop.  Everyone gets to pitch in, and perhaps most importantly, everyone get to sample the cheese!

Visit the Brood Farm Etsy Shop for all the details and to register for the Friday, OCTOBER 28th workshop.