Brooding On

Need Proof?

I've seen the looks you guys give me when you visit the farm and I tell you that Shake can STILL fit through the rectangles of the cattle panels.  It's that look that says you're trying to be nice about it but don't even for a second believe me.

Well, here's proof:

Weighing in now at just over 40 pounds, our little orphan Shake can still wiggle herself out and does so pretty often.  If I'm in or around the barn, she's right by my side.  But, she's also been known to pop out just to explore or weed-eat around the basketball court. 

Her curiosity nearly killed her last week, though.  She stuck her head through our new soccer net and then, in trying to get free, wound the net so tightly around her neck that she was gasping for breath when we found her and cut her free.  Had we been 20 minutes later in finding her . . .

But, how can you goat-proof an entire farm?  I know it's just a matter of time until she will no longer be able to squeeze through.  Admittedly, I'll be a little sad when it happens, but at least I won't be having to worry about where she is when I back out the car or whether she's wandered into the boys' field.   Crazy little goat!