Brooding On

Sibling Rivalry

In our herd, we have only one set of full siblings.  Chip and Solo are both Honey and Oreo's kids -- but from different years.  Chip, a wether (fixed male) has spent nearly his entire life in the buck field.  But, I recently moved the two wethers in with the ladies.  This was the first time Solo and Chip had met  Naturally, the butted heads (literally) and continue to fight like . . . brother and sister.  I love how Razz (my no-nonsense gal) attempts to knock some sense into him but then leaves them to their foolishness. 

When a new member is introduced to a herd, it's natural to have a little head-knocking as dominance is established, but Chip ONLY picks on poor lil' sis!  Oh, well, she seems to enjoy it just a bit.  :)