Brooding On

Cave City Recycles!

For years, I have hauled all of our recycling items to the recycling center at Batesville.  Because it is on the highway, it is not really out of the way.  But I tend to head that direction only once a week, and if I head out and forget all the recycling that's piled up in the barn, it's another week before I can try again!

Thankfully, this is no longer a problem!  I am so pleased that, thanks to the City Council, there is now a recycling drop-off spot right here in Cave City! 


Conveniently located in the parking lot of the Cave City Community Center, it is easily accessible and very nice!  The signs make it quite clear what can be recycled (paper board boxes) and what can't (cat litter ;), and the overhead structure helps keep cardboard and paper drop-offs dry. 


If you've been putting off recycling because it's just too difficult to haul things to Batesville, now is the time to make a change.   Let's make great use of this new drop-off spot!

By recycling, we easily cut our outgoing household trash by half (or more).  And, it's as easy as having two trash bins in the kitchen instead of one. 


Thank you, City Council, for this new addition and for all you do to maintain and improve this great place that we call home!