Brooding On

More Fun with Pallets

I love a project that costs me nothing!  My booth at Mattie's here in Cave City needed a makeover and a more efficient way to use the small countertop space that I rent.  So, I went in to the store and did a little measuring then came home and got to work. 


If you've never before worked with an old pallet to create something new, here are a few beginning pointers. 

1.  All it really takes to "harvest" your wood is a crowbar and a hammer.  I use the crowbar to pry individual boards loose.  They usually come up with nails intact.  I turn the boards upside down and hammer the points of the nails to get them headed in the right direction.  Then, with the board right-side-up I use the claw of the hammer to pull the nails out.  Voila!  Lovely distressed boards are ready to be cut to size and pieced together to create something new!

2.  When piecing together your new creation, take the time to drill pilot holes for your screws.  Pallet wood tends to split easily, but drilling the pilot holes will keep that (and your frustration) to a minimum. 


The finished product is a stair-step design with five little shelves just the right depth for soap display.


It fits perfectly in the space at the shop and add the barn-style touch that I love.  Feel free to stop by, check it out, and try a little lotion from the tester. :)

What's your favorite thing that you've made out of a pallet?  What's your favorite pallet project that you've pinned on Pinterest and hope to create someday?