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Listen Up, Seasonal Allergy Sufferers!

Experts are saying that seasonal allergies are going to be more severe this year than last.  If you can personally vouch for that, maybe it's time to give some raw goat milk a try! 

Did you know that kids who drink raw milk are less likely to suffer seasonal allergies or be diagnosed with asthma? 

There are multiple reasons for this.  The simplest explanation I've heard is that the animals tend to pass on an immunity to the foods they eat.  Since goats will eat whatever pollen-covered thing they can find, they pass along lots of immunity!  Pasteurized (cooked) milks, however, have been processed to a point that they no longer offer this benefit.  But, don't just take my word for it.  Conduct your own research or check out these links for more information. 

"A Cure for the Allergy Epidemic?"  New York Times 

"Kids Who Drink Raw Milk Have Less Allergies and Asthma"   Mercola



Interested in giving it a try? 

Message me ( or via Facebook) to arrange farm pick-up and be sure to BYOGC  (Bring Your Own Glass Container) unless you intend to buy one here.  Our Raw Goat Milk is $10/gallon or $5/half-gallon.   Half-gallon jars with plastic lids are available for purchase as well for $5 each.