Brooding On

Zander, Guardian of the Herd

Speaking of farm critters who haven't been getting much blog play since our adorable goat babies made their big appearance . . . how about an update on Zander?

He continues to grow bigger and bigger and bigger.  And, amazingly, he just seems to know what he's here to do.  He's a natural guardian.   Sometimes I can catch him out for an early morning stroll around the perimeter of the goat field.  But, most of the time, he sticks pretty close to the herd, ready to defend if need be.


His thick coat is lovely when it's freshly brushed and dry.  Other times, though, he looks like this.   #fuzzybumproblems


His absolute favorite friend is 3-5, our bottle-calf.  Those two are thick as thieves!   


Even though he's growing up on us, he remains one of the only critters on the farm that I might get caught baby-talking to.  I usually can't stand baby-talk.  I try to avoid it.  But, there's something about this "little smooshy-face" that just brings it out.