Brooding On

Shake's Identity Crisis

Shake is now growing steadily and eating mostly from her mother.  Still, because of her early days spent in the house where she was snuggled and fed and diapered, she isn't sure whether she ought to be a goat or a baby. 

She now spends nights in the kid-proofed pen with all her playmates.  But, in the morning mommas and babies are reunited and let out into the big field for the day.  Shake, however, can still fit through the wire of the panels in that field and, therefore, has the run of the farm.  She usually spends chore time following me around like a little puppy dog as I feed and water all the critters.  Then, when my work is complete, I put her outside the barn and close the door.  She stands at the door for about a minute, crying for me to come back.  Then, she remembers that she is a goat, climbs back through the field, and trots off to find her mother and brother.  Silly goat!

In the video below, you can see her climb through the fence to see me.