Brooding On

Eye On Independence Features Brood Farm!

Brood Farm has hit the newsstands! 

In case you haven't had a chance to pick up the March Issue of Eye On Independence, you can take a look here. 

We are so thankful to Joseph and Kimberlee Thomas for allowing us to contribute to their local magazine.  We'd also like to thank Suzy Oakley who recommended our farm for a feature.  And, of course, Brandi Schultz of Key Moments Photography deserves much praise for the photos -- catching our entire Brood looking at the camera is a challenge in-and-of-itself.  She was able to capture all of us, two goats, and one super-spoiled cat in one shot.  Thanks also to the very talented Crystal Crow who took our mash-up of ideas and worked with us to create our farm logo, which is featured alongside the article and pretty much everywhere else we can think of to stick it -- on soaps, eggs, signs, packaging, t-shirts, this website, and more.  We love what she's created!  And, of course, thanks to YOU for following and supporting our farm; without you there'd be no story to tell.