Brooding On

My Day in 5th Grade Science

Last week I had the opportunity to speak to Mrs. Sarah's 5th Grade Science classes.  

They'd been discussing bacteria, and she was looking for an example of a "good" bacteria.  Cheese certainly fits the bill!  I can't think of a more delicious use of bacteria.



We talked about various types of milks and cheeses and then made some chevre for the kids to sample.  I asked a lot of questions, and they proved to be a group of smarty pants.  Only one little smarty pants knew the definition of "pasteurize," though (What can I say?  Girl 1 knows her milk terminology!).


I brought along some cinnamon sugar cheese for them to eat with apples, and then we made the ranch cheese together in class to be eaten with crackers.  They ate it up!  I've decided that kids are more open-minded about small-farm-produced foods than most adults are.

These kiddos were so well-behaved and had lots of great questions.  Thanks to Mrs. Sarah for the opportunity to work with your kids for the day and for all the work you do to make science come alive for them!  I'm so proud of our Cave City teachers and schools!