Brooding On

Mobile Home Pros and Cons

How about a fun little post for Friday?  

Three CONS of living in our new-to-us mobile home:

1.  I'm always scraping my knuckles on the ceiling.  At 5'10", I'm a tall gal.  And, you'd think I would learn by now that I can't reach my arms overhead in this little home without hitting the ceiling.  And, yet, nearly every morning as I stumble to the bathroom, I streeeeetch my arms overhead and scrape my knuckles on the textured, unforgiving ceiling.  OUCH!  This is not a good way to start every day.  

2.  Plastic sinks -- are they ever actually clean?  It doesn't matter how much I scrub the plastic basins of our bathroom sinks, they just never seem clean.  I scrubbed and scrubbed when we first moved in.  As a result, I now have scratch marks in each one that collect even more grossness.  I'm about to just give up.  Suggestions?  (Note to self:  whenever we build the new house, no plastic sinks!)

3.  Smells permeate the entire house.  Any little smell travels the length of the 896-sq.-ft. trailer pretty quickly.  So, ummm.  Stomach bug.  Burnt popcorn.  Etc.


As for the PROS of the mobile home thus far:

1.  I NEVER forget what I'm looking for by the time I get to the pantry.  In our old house, I'd have to walk across the kitchen and dining room -- a distance of nearly the length of the trailer (who needs all that space?) -- to get to the pantry.  I know this is awful, but I can't tell you how much time I spent standing in that pantry, gazing at the food, and wondering what in the world I went in there for.  (Please tell me this happens to you, too.)

Well, it never happens to me anymore.  It's not because I've been taking fish oil supplements, though (is that the one I should be taking, Mom?  I forget!  ;).  It's because I'll be in the kitchen, realize I need something from the "pantry," and then reach out and grab it, more than likely without even having to move my feet.  Everything is within reach.  


2.  I can plug the vacuum in and vacuum the ENTIRE house without having to unplug and replug elsewhere.  What can I say?  It's the little things.  ;)

3.  Smells permeate the entire house.  Yes, I enter this one into the pro and con categories.  On soap making days the entire house smells of cucumber or white tea and ginger or pumpkin spice or . . . It's divine!