Brooding On

The Gang's All Here

Here's a piece of unsolicited advice:  when you're moving and someone offers you help, say "Yes!"  and accept it graciously.  You don't get any kind of bonus points for doing it all yourself, and it will happen a lot faster and be a lot more enjoyable with company.  We're still not fully moved, but we absolutely could not have made it even this far without the help of our family and friends.  

As I mentioned, the move is not yet complete, but all the most important things have been moved.  Yep, the gang's all here!  


Our friends Robert Dean and Sue came over with their stock trailer to help us move the goats (and fridges and freezer with the help of Reid and John).  


The boys were released first into their field.

And then the ladies.  In my mind, they were going to go traipsing off happily across the field.  That's not really how it's been so far.  In unfamiliar territory, they are sticking pretty close to the barn right now.  They've yet to explore the reaches of their roughly 8-acre field.  

Thank you for your patience as I've taken some days off from blogging.  Things have really been crazy but very exciting around here.  There's lots to report but little time to report it!  :)