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Kickin' Watermelon Salad

During this time of year, there's watermelon on our table at EVERY meal.  You know what they say about too much of a good thing? Well, it doesn't apply to Cave City watermelon.  More is always better, and, no, we never grow weary of it.  And, while the pure, unadulterated chunks of melon are what make it to the table most of the time, I've played around lately with "dressing it up"  a little.  Here's a winning recipe that we had with dinner last night.  (I just love it when experimental recipes turn out great!)



Kickin' Watermelon Salad

Cut watermelon into little pieces, removing seeds as you work.  

Dress it with 1 part olive oil / 1 part lime juice and a sprinkle of salt.  

Add as much cayenne pepper as you think you can stand.  

Toss in some Feta crumbles.  

Stir gently.  


The sweet-n-spicy combo is great, the hint of lime is refreshing, and Feta just makes everything better.  :)  

What's your favorite way to enjoy the World's Sweetest Melons?