Brooding On

The Egg-Gathering Dance

My kids are crazy and fun!  

I use alarms on my phone to remind me of nearly everything.  At 11:00 am each day, this "Chicken Rock" alarm goes off to remind us it's time for the morning egg-gathering. And, at 11:00 am each day, an impromptu dance party starts up that looks very much like this . . .

Oh, and, as a side note . . . it was at 10:56 am on yesterday morning, that I remembered to turn off my 11:00 am alarm.  Just so that you can appreciate just how close a call that was, John was at the pulpit delivering the "Call to Worship" for our Sunday morning worship service, and the girls were at the back waiting to serve as acolytes.  As I reached into my purse to turn off the alarm (only 4 minutes before it would've sounded), I had visions of my crazy girls busting a move as they walked down the center aisle, carrying in the flame to light the candles.  Whew!  That was a close one!