Brooding On

A Great Giveaway!

Sunday, I enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day.  We've been so very busy, but we decided to take things slow that day, and I enjoyed me time with my brood (How blessed I am that these three call me "Mom").  They gifted me with wonderful homemade, school-crafted goodies, including poetry:  "My Mom is a farmer, she needs no armor."

Girl 1 is right, I don't need armor, but I did get a new pocketknife as one of my Mother's Day goodies.  I also received this book.  


My very thoughtful husband said that this book made him think of me and that he really thought I would enjoy it.  I thought about not saying anything, but I thought he might at some point remember and be upset with me, so I gently told him that, yes, I do love it.  And that I greatly appreciated it the first time he gave it to me, too.  ;)  In fact, I've even used several quotes from this book right here on this blog.  It still made a great gift, though, because I'm pretty excited to get to pass it along to one of you!  

So, who wants it?

Understandably, we eat lots of eggs around here.  Some of us could eat our eggs fixed exactly the same way everyday from now until eternity.  Others of us get a little burned out on the same-old, same-old.  To be entered into the drawing to win the book, comment (either on here or on Facebook) and tell me your current favorite way to fix eggs (links to recipes would be great, too)!