Brooding On

Maggie, The Overcomer!

Remember Maggie, our poor rescued chicken?  She's past her prime, so her egg production had slowed tremendously even before her traumatic experience at the farm.  The trauma of being pecked nearly to death had halted production altogether.  

But, since we've trained her to begin sleeping in the old chicken tractor at night, I realized I probably ought to check and see whether it needs to be cleaned out.  Imagine my surprise when I peeked into the nesting box for the first time and found this.


Has there ever been such a beautiful dozen eggs?  

They are symbolic of healing and happiness.

Following her traumatic experience, this poor chicken has grown all her lovely feathers back, is eating and pecking and scratching to her heart's content, and is now laying those beautiful eggs as if she'd never stopped!  What an overcomer she is!  When I saw those eggs, I laughed until I nearly cried.