Brooding On

These Crazy Goats

Razz and Izzy are mother and daughter and have always been very close. . . but this morning, we found them a little too close for comfort.  Seriously, there's never a dull moment around here!


See those squares along the bottom of the feeding trough?  They're all about the same size.  These two managed to BOTH get into one hole.  How they did this is beyond us because no  matter how we twisted, pushed, and squeezed, we could not get them out.  


Here I'm offering a little more perspective on the size hole TWO full-sized goats managed to get their heads into.  Also, in the background, you can see the saw John used to save the day.


Yep, he sawed through the metal while I attempted to keep the goats calm and still and all of us from getting cut by the blade during this process.  Whew!!  It worked, and the ladies were free.

This hay feeder is probably about 8 feet long and is currently used to feed only 5 goats.  Why did these two feel the need to squeeze into the same tiny space for breakfast?  Who knows.  Those crazy goats!