Brooding On

The Year of No Garden?

Well, my calendar is telling me that it's time to get some lettuce, orach, spinach, kale, dill, and sugar snaps planted.  But . . .

2013 Garden

2013 Garden

The house is still on the market.  We had a showing 2 weeks ago and have another scheduled later this week.  I should, perhaps, put the garden in at the farm.  But, we still don't have water turned on over there.  And, if it takes us awhile to move over there, I'm sure my garden would waste away due to neglect.  (I have my current garden right outside the back door for a reason: "out of sight is out of mind," as they say.)

And, so, I wait.  

John did get me some Zinnia seeds for Valentine's Day.  I do hope to get them planted at the farm this year.  One of the great things about Zinnias is how easy they are to care for.  I remember one summer I didn't water or tend to them at all, and still they produced blooms enough to ornament both the yard and the kitchen table!

Maybe I'll just have to try to barter with my eggs to get fresh veggies this year.  We do plan to have a booth at the Spring River Farmer's Market, after all.