Brooding On

The Aptly-Named Milkshake

Around here, no one loves milking time as much as Milkshake does.  She knows there's milk in it for her, and she LOVES her milk!

In the first video, she meets me as I walk out the backdoor and leads the way to the milk shed and her milk bowl.

During milking, we have to put her in her little carrier.  Otherwise, she'll jump right into the milk pail while we're working and drive the milking goat crazy.

The next video was taken just as I'd finished up the milking and let Nutmeg back into the field. Milkshake, in her rush to find the milk, heads to the bowl she'd used in the morning, instead of her new one. 

I love how this second video has so many species in it!  Honey is at the gate, hoping for some lovins.  Milkshake is going crazy over her milk. And Maggie even wanders over to see what all the fuss is about.  ;)