Brooding On

A Very Goaty Goat

Nutmeg is still settling in here, but she's definitely done better today.  She and Honey who are currently sharing the small front field are becoming more friendly.  

Milking time is still challenging.  She doesn't want to get up onto the milking stand.  You should see John lift all 200 lbs. of her up there!  Then, she just doesn't give us very long before she gets antsy and begins kicking the pail.  It may just take some time.  Each milking session goes a little better than the one before.  We are able to get between 1 1/2 and 2 quarts at each milking before she decides she's finished.  I'd love to see how much we could get if we milked her dry, but right now she just doesn't have the patience for it.  

I love the sound of her voice-- it's just so goaty!  You can hear it in this video when she answers to her name.  Before that, though, you can hear Honey belch in my face.  I told you she does that!