Brooding On

DIY Convenience Breakfast

The other day, Girl 1 spotted the microwavable sausage,  egg, and cheese biscuits in the freezer section of the grocery store:  "Mom, look how easy that would be!  It's already made.  You just put it in the microwave." 


My response:  "Why in the world would we buy something that has a frozen egg patty on it when we have 17 dozen farm fresh eggs in the refrigerator at home?"

Girl 1:  "Because of how easy these would be to make in the mornings!"

She had my attention.  A little easier morning routine is always welcome.  It seemed there was a bargain to be struck. 

That night we had homemade biscuits and gravy for dinner and made an extra batch of biscuits.  We cooked up the sausage patties and made egg patties. 


We assembled the sandwiches and wrapped them individually in cling wrap, then packed them into a freezer bag. Since we were already having these ingredients for dinner, it really didn't take a lot of extra time.

Now, for a "convenience breakfast" all we have to do is unwrap and microwave.  Everyone wins!  She gets her quick and easy breakfast, and I get to save a buck and feel better about the ingredients and their sources. 


What are some other homemade things that could be made up ahead of time to replace typical convenience foods?