Brooding On

Standout Eggs!

Our little Ameraucana pullets have started laying!  Can you pick out the new egg?


These gorgeous eggs are naturally a blue/green color.  Our newest layers have not quite mastered the whole nesting-boxes-are-where-you-lay-your-egg thing, so I get to go on an egg hunt twice a day, searching the grass for the new eggs.  Because these eggs are so beautiful, I feel like I should trade in my dingy egg-gathering basket for a brightly colored Easter basket!  

Right now these pullet eggs are still very small, so we are saving them for our own use, but you'll soon start seeing them in your cartons of Brood Farm eggs!  


We also have a few leghorns that have begun laying tiny, white eggs.  Because I'm so accustomed to the look of our brown eggs, these white ones almost look fake to me.  Even Little Boy is skeptical, exclaiming "What is THAT?" when he saw one in the egg basket yesterday.