Brooding On

The Great Egg Giveaway

Tuesday, we loaded up our little red wagon, set out on foot, and gave away 20 dozen eggs to neighbors.  It was really a lot of fun.  We told anyone who answered the door about our egg operation as we handed them a dozen eggs and our business card.  Many folks tried to pay us, but we refused payment on this dozen.  We did tell them how they could purchase their next dozen once they've had a chance to fall for the great eggs we'd given them.  


And, while we had their attention, we went ahead and told them about our church's free community breakfast on Sundays.  ;)


The kids had a great time with this, and they each had a job.  Girl 1 handled the egg cartons.  Girl 2 distributed the cards.  Little Boy was the designated door knocker (though, we had to have a few lessons in how he should "knock, not stalk" since he had a tendency to run up to a door, cup his hands around his face as he pressed it against the glass doors, peering inside a minute and yelling, "I think they're home!" before he ever even thought about knocking).  And, one of the adults usually did most of the talking (and apologizing for our son's behavior).  :)


Giving eggs away might seem like a weird marketing strategy, but we really do feel like our eggs speak for themselves. A free sample is one way to give our potential customers a taste!

Keep an eye out-- the kids had such a great time that they've already been asking when we get to do it again.  Who knows?  Maybe your neighborhood will be next!